Tips for a Successful Garage Sale!

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Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

As discussed in a previous post, one of the ways to get a home ready to sell is to de-clutter. The "Garage Sale" is a great way to do so but how do we succeed? For those of us who are not professional garage sale host's and shoppers we have to turn to the experts. Those who have hosted successful events follow some very simple tips to attract the most buyers and sell the most items.

Here are the simple tips to help with your next event:

1. Shoppers will stop more often when they can see full tables and large items as they arrive at the sale. Bookcases, dressers, toys, bikes, and tools can catch someones eye.

2. Dealers and collectors often visit sales to find their treasures. Make sure one-of-a-kind items are clearly displayed.

3. Ensure any appliances are in working order, clean and ready to go.

4. Pricing is important. For most items 10-30% of what someone would pay retail is a fair price. Be sure to tag all items, but be prepared (and not offended) to haggle.

5. Items sorted by size, type and displayed in an organized manner on shelves or racks fetch higher prices.

6. Invite your neighbors to participate and split the cost.

7. Make sure to check the weather report. Storms can come up quickly but targeting clear days is best.

8. Place bright, neatly lettered, easy to read signs directing traffic to your house.

9. Leftovers: Give them away, keep them for another sale, or call a charitable organization for pickup. Just be sure to keep a list of donated items for your accountant at tax time.

Happy Selling!